Sunday, November 29, 2009

Haiku - Waka - Tanka

The first adventure I had to express my own voice was when I was a child and we were taught how to write a Haiku. Once I began to write the haiku's I couldn't stop. At the time, my Grandfather was ill with cancer and I was too young to visit him in the hospital. Instead, I put my energy into making little books of Haiku's describing the day. My father would take my books of poems to the hospital for my grandfather. It made me feel as if I might give a bit of sunshine into his day. None of these books survived; nor did my Grandfather. I find it interesting to travel back and see where my passion for writing began. Now, looking back, I see it as where my passion for healing began too.

As we enter into winter and the Holiday season I offer my Waka to you.

Fear not the winter
Barren tree's and sleeping soil
Fear not the coldness
It is time to dwell within
Peaceful pursuits; Gratefulness

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too busy to meditate??

To find time to meditate when things get busy seems to be a challenge; but, this is precisely the time meditation is most important. The first step is to redefine our concept of the time required. Sometimes, when life seems too busy, all that is needed is to consciously breathe out and then in again ... you have to breathe anyway ... just that simple conscious thought with action can ground and centre us. Focusing on breath is always a meditation whether it is one breath or many.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reiki Meditation In the Park

If you are in Toronto this Saturday, August 22 8:30 AM hopefully you will be able to attend the first public Hands that Heal *Pay-What-You-Can event. Set in the beautiful High Park at The Labyrinth our reiki practitioner, Julia, will lead a group meditation while applying Reiki.
Guided group meditation with Reiki offers a wonderful and deep sense of relaxation. People continue to feel the Reiki being applied even when the practitioner has moved onto another participant. The wonderful gift of Reiki can be brought to many more people through this method.
The ancient symbol of a labyrinth represents a journey to the centre of our core self and back out into the world with a renewed sense of ourselves. Labyrinths have been used throughout ancient cultures for meditation and prayer.

Hope to see you there - don't forget to bring a yoga mat, blanket or towel to sit on.

*Pay- What- You-Can* in Reiki it is believed that there should always be an exchange of energy money, fruit, service, testimonial ... etc.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Palmistry as a Tool for Reiki Healing

The palms of the hand is a beautiful landscape of hills and valleys, rivers and islands; or rather it should be. I was shocked when I saw the palm outstretched in front of me. There were no hills or valleys, it was a completely flat terrain like the skin of a drum. Full of deeply etched crisscrossed lines it was as if she were caught in an electrical storm. I held her hands, took a deep breath and began our conversation. The only distinguishing mark was the Healing Stigmata - so that's where we began. She was a healer and ran her own business that was becoming busier everyday. She spent many hours healing clients and was finding that it was becoming increasingly more draining. She wasn't sure what to do - with each client she was drained of her own life force. I enquired if she did any meditation, to my surprise she said that she spent hours each day in meditation. I had never encountered such a weakened hand on what should have been a vibrant person. As we dove further into her story I found out that on top of sending healing to her clients she was sending out healing to the world. To all the war torn countries, impoverished people, people facing bankruptcy, natural disaster areas and to heal Mother Earth. At this point I realised what was happening to this woman and asked if I could give her some reiki energy. She was taking on all the woes of the world as her personal responsibility to heal. Rather than the healing energy moving through her it was being sent from her. I sent her away with the assignment of meditating without sending any energy out until her hands begin to present hills and valleys.
My analogy of connecting with the life force is this: think of two rooms separated by a door. In one room there is a light source, in the other there is darkness. When you open the door what happens? The light floods into the darkness (not the other way around). There is no such thing as darkness, just an absence of light. Now go be the light!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guided Group Meditation with Reiki

Last week I held my last case study for Guided Group Meditation with Reiki. I am happy to report that I will now be offering this to people on an ongoing basis.
As some of you may know, Reiki is a spiritually based healing modality that gives the receiver a deep sense of relaxation. What I found in my case work was by applying Reiki while a group had entered into a meditative state gave the same results as when Reiki is given in a private session. People continued to feel the Reiki being applied even when I moved onto another participant. The wonderful gift of Reiki can be brought to many more people through this method and group sessions are far less expensive.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reiki in the comfort of your home

Well last year ended with the stress of economic uncertainty continuing to take the headline in almost everyones life. These can be rather confusing and complicated times. I began my year wanting to take the complications out of life. When reiki first began, if you couldn't come to the practitioner the practitioner came to you. There is no necessity in having reiki performed on a massage table, that is simply a westernization. The cost of a table and space can make this beautiful practise unaffordable for many people. So I had a flash of inspiration, bring the reiki to the client in the comfort of their home.

Friday, February 27, 2009

How to find your palmistry & reiki clients

When I first began to try to find clients I received many mixed messages. Some people said to identify my niche; others said not to worry that my clients would find their way to me; then there was the "law of attraction". On and on it went without results. I am still in the early stages of building a clientele and I am always looking for ways so that people can find me, hence the blog.
For weeks now I have been in the throws of writers block. It is very frustrating not to be able to write about my passion and so I decided that I would look through all the research I compiled and pick something, anything. I found an article about how to write a book in a weekend. Wow, if a person could write a book in a weekend certainly I could write a posting on my blog! One of the suggestions to begin was to write directly to who you believed was your audience. I decided I could use that to who I believed were my clients. The first step was to identify my clients.

Who are your clients?
  1. People that are looking for answers
  2. Other "healers"
  3. Other "diviners"
  4. People who use alternative healing modalities
  5. People who are dragged by their friends/ partners
  6. Artists, musicians, lawyers, nurses, teachers, administrators, bankers, truckers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, rich people, poor people, famous and destitute.

It donned on me that I had chosen a business that transcends all boundaries. It was the one aspect of palmistry and reiki that inspired me from the very beginning. No matter where I was, whatever the circumstances may be, I could offer my services. I can create a space for healing, comfort and inspiration to every person that requests my help.

In a world that moves at an ever increasing speed we forget to hit the pause button and take the time to listen to our inner voice. We forget how to connect to our own wishes, our dreams, our passions. When I sit with a palm stretched out in front of me there is an electricity as we begin our conversation. Perhaps you have forgotten how your directness is an attribute. Perhaps you are frazzled and need someone to guide you towards a safe harbour. Perhaps you have forgotten to trust yourself and your intuition. As we continue to travel along the lines on your hands your inner self reintegrates with the person who travels out in the world. It is always an adventure and such a privilege to be able to share with people.

My reiki experience has provided me with an ever growing sense of amazement and awe. It more than the feedback from clients from around the world that amazes me. I am always amazed at how I can connect with- for lack of another descriptive word - another persons spirit. I've had the great pleasure of receiving thanks and recognition from clients claiming a sense of well being that they did not have before, to "miraculous" healing. What I realized about reiki is that it is a collaborative endeavour between the client and myself. If you were to break your arm it is not the doctor that heals you, the doctor only provides a space for you to heal yourself.
That is what reiki does; it provides a space for you to heal yourself.

Recently I began to provide reiki in a meditation group with amazing success. I am also extremely curious to figure out what is going on when I connect with the energy, and what is going on for my clients. In the near future I am beginning to work with a scientist that has had great success recording ethereal energy ... but that's another post.