Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Meditate?

For me, meditation and Reiki are entwined. The precepts of Reiki and the practice of Maitri are woven in the same tapestry. My self-treatments are bound together with distant healing; the reiki being sent to all beings near to my heart and far. I picture the Reiki radiating outward, knowing which being to land upon.
Why meditate? I meditate because it brings me into the sacred.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fear and where it can lead ...

I recieved a comment - and I published it because I think that it is important to allow  people their views. It was shuffled to past pages. I only wish that when people decide to comment they have the courage to do so, and not anonymously.
So here is what Anonymous wrote regarding the Opening Candle Lighting Ceremony

Anonymous said:
For the candle lighting ceremony you are asked to make an alter with an icon of the world and burn candles for all the world religions known and unknown. They ask you to “invoke the presence of the prophets and masters who brought those teachings of Truth into form.” What you are really doing is summoning spirits and worshipping fake gods/goddesses and the world. This is of satan! They trick people into thinking it is about world peace but there will be no peace until the Lord returns.
I'm sorry that your Lord has abandoned you - my "lord" is in every petal that blossoms forth, in every breath and every tear, in chidrens laughter, in every being, in every day, in every night, in every sunrise and sunset, in ALL forms of prayer and meditation.
For today, you will be in my thoughts and prayers that you can see and know Peace.
For today, you will be in my thoughts and prayers that you can know Trust.
For today, you will be in my thoughts and prayers that you can know Love. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Feast - fallen off the daily meditation wagon

I have fallen off the daily meditation wagon. It was so easy to follow through when I was nursing a cold; but, now that my health has returned ... so today I am going to meditate. I don't really want to make the time - but I do want to see this Winter Feast through to the end. It's funny, I actually love meditation. I guess my practice is sloppy, which is really one of the reasons I began the Feast. I wanted to find out what would happen to me if I did it - 40 days for 40 minutes - what transformations would occur? Would there be any transformations? What were my expectations? Now that I've fallen off the wagon; will I still get something out of it if I start again?