Sunday, November 29, 2009

Haiku - Waka - Tanka

The first adventure I had to express my own voice was when I was a child and we were taught how to write a Haiku. Once I began to write the haiku's I couldn't stop. At the time, my Grandfather was ill with cancer and I was too young to visit him in the hospital. Instead, I put my energy into making little books of Haiku's describing the day. My father would take my books of poems to the hospital for my grandfather. It made me feel as if I might give a bit of sunshine into his day. None of these books survived; nor did my Grandfather. I find it interesting to travel back and see where my passion for writing began. Now, looking back, I see it as where my passion for healing began too.

As we enter into winter and the Holiday season I offer my Waka to you.

Fear not the winter
Barren tree's and sleeping soil
Fear not the coldness
It is time to dwell within
Peaceful pursuits; Gratefulness